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Killing My Victory

I just realised only recently, that I have been singing David Crowder's recent song 'My Victory' all wrong. It's a beautiful song put together by Darren Mulligan, Ed Cash and David Crowder himself. The lyrics of the song juxtaposes the beautiful ironies of the cross: A Holy Sacrifice - for the Unholy Mankind The Symbol of Death, - Giving Life to those who Believe The Death and Resurrection of Christ, - ultimately Defeating Hell and Death  If you aren’t allergic to contemporary folktronica, I recommend that you listen to it. Due to my hearing difficulties as an aging individual, I have been singing the last line of the chorus as "What the cross meant to kill is my victory” as opposed to "A cross meant to kill is my victory". There are glaring differences between my deafened version (no bloating intended) and that of Crowder's but both carry important truths about Christ's ultimate atonement for mankind.  Growing