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Donald Trump and the Clanging Cymbals

I woke up Wednesday morning after 3 long hours of sleep to a variety of messages on social media. I noticed heavy mourning among some voters and also came across a barrage of celebratory posts from some friends. However, I was caught by surprise when I came across posts that read along the lines of "We (Christians) won", "Lock her up", "Thank you Jesus", "Revenge of the fallen", "Take that, Satan", etc. from fellow friends and believers. As a Christian, part of me rejoices in the fact that the election of Donald Trump will put a dent or a halt to the progressive agenda. I rejoice because I believe this Republican platform  pledged to focus on fighting issues like abortion, religious liberty (especially that of the persecuted church), political corruption, etc. But part of me also mourns this results because I feel a sense of decay in Christianity in America. I write this not because I intend to vilify the evangelical church of Ame

A Mighty Fortress

"America does everything better than any other country, including getting things wrong", said one of my favourite speakers. As the election day draws near, many of us are worried where the United States of America is heading both politically and spiritually. The rhetoric surrounding the major political parties and their campaigns have been full of malice and conceit from day one. Seeing the process of a presidential election in the U.S for the first time, first hand,  has made me somewhat vocal on social media. This has caused some of my friends wonder why, given the fact that I am Sri Lankan and am ineligible to vote in the U.S elections. I care because America, through God's providence, is a country that's given me second chances I wouldn't have had elsewhere. Believe it or not, I love America. I also believe that the presidential election here not only determines the future of the nation, but also the course of the rest of the world. The United States of Amer