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Concerning Hobbits

Well, this isn't really concerning Hobbits nor am I trying to plagiarize the great Tolkien. This is merely my first attempt to start a blog in the year 2016 - Yes, I have had many blogs throughout the years but none of them really took flight. The purpose of this blog isn't to really take 'flight' but to actually share my personal walk with Christ and what I find useful as a newly born-again Christian. It is also fitting that I start this in the week of the 23rd in the month of October because a long long time ago, that's when life first started for me. I'm Moses Hoole. Ethnically, I am Sri Lankan . Professionally, I am a Design Release Engineer (Co-op) at a leading automotive manufacturing company in North America and the whole world. I'm also a student and always will be one. I'm a senior at arguably one of the most reputed universities known to the Automotive Industry in North America. However, all of this amounts to nothing because personally, I am