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Joy Comes in the Mourning

Last week, I stumbled across one of the most depressing songs I’ve ever heard on the interwebs. It’s called ‘My Least Favorite Life” by Lera Lynn. I’ll be honest – I found myself identifying with parts of the song. In a world marred by sin and its consequences, there’s an underlying human restlessness. This restlessness is universal in the sense that it affects every human soul regardless of age, race, social stature and other constructs. Until We Find Rest On top of this default condition of human restlessness, there’s added sorrow and groaning as results of poverty, opulence, wars, lost relationships, deaths of loved ones, and sicknesses as life goes on. Often we are left stumped by such circumstances and find ourselves utterly helpless. In order to forgo these circumstances some of us seek release in the form of alcohol, drugs, sex and violence. Most of us try escaping these realities by keeping ourselves busy, joining meditation groups, yoga classes, and taking vacations. Yet